Vancouver police don't mind massive crowds of fans hitting the streets when Canada wins an Olympic gold medal -- they just wish the booze stayed at home.

Const. Lindsey Houghton told that roughly 150,000 people were out downtown following Jon Montgomery's win in the men's skeleton event on Friday night.

Many of the revelers were drunk, and some of them continued to openly drink liquor outdoors – a ticketable offense that carries a $230 fine.

Houghton said police welcome public celebrations downtown, but asked partiers to respect the law and act responsibly.

"Leave your beer at home, leave your mickey at home," he said. "Don't pour it into a coffee cup – we've been around for a while, we can figure that one out too."

Roughly 40 people were arrested for public drunkenness, but Houghton said there were surprisingly few skirmishes in the upbeat Olympic crowd.

"There's a really positive vibe, the attitude down there is very different from other events. It's great to see."

Houghton said the number of tickets issued for open alcohol was not available.

Medal events aside, the free concerts at the LiveCity Yaletown venue have also been a big draw; a show featuring popular DJ Deadmau5 on Friday left a few extra thousand pedestrians wandering the streets after the event reached capacity hours early.

On Saturday morning, police announced that they, along with members of the Integrated Security Unit, would increase their presence in anticipation of larger crowds to come.

Sunday is expected to be a busy day in Vancouver, when the men's Team Canada faces off against the U.S. at Canada Hockey Place.