An outdoor marijuana stand has been set up in East Vancouver, just down the street from the annual Fright Nights attraction that's popular among high schoolers.

The pop-up pot stop was put together on park board land near the intersection of Hastings and Renfrew streets, and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Organizer David Hill of Cannagarden said they have every right to be there, and plan to stay put until Halloween, rain or shine.

"We're protesting. And any citizen has the right to protest on government land," Hill said.

The stand offers everything from regular marijuana to pot-soaked honey and Nutella-infused cooking butter, all by donation.

As for the close proximity to Fright Nights, Hill insists they don't give any marijuana to minors, and actively check ID.

All proceeds will go toward keeping the protest growing, Hill said, which includes buying new equipment, paying for fuel and repairing their van.

"I want to change people's perceptions,” Hill said of his motivation for running the stand. “We've got 90 years of negative perceptions and lies.”

Responses from the neighbourhood have been split, with some supporting their efforts others complaining that it's promoting what they see as an unhealthy habit.

Police have been keeping an eye on the stand, but haven't gone any further than that yet.

With a report from CTV Vancouver's St. John Alexander