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A lot goes into every one of our OneCoffee pods. First, we find the right farmers who grow the best, most sustainable beans. Then our Q Grader, one of Canada’s only certified coffee experts, tests each batch and makes sure they’re roasted to perfection. Finally, we wrap it all up in a 100% compostable pod wearing nothing but a mesh filter—no plastic, no waste, nada.

So kudos to you, coffee drinker. You’re helping do good with every sip.

Our coffees

OneCoffee packs certified organic & fairtrade beans in a Keurig-compatible, 100% compostable pod*. Local roaster, Canterbury Coffee, puts 39 years of coffee expertise into each pod. OneCoffee includes beans from around the world to highlight the flavours from each coffee region. Try a new favourite today!

We’ve made seven different blends to satisfy every palate: Breakfast Blend, Colombian Blend, Ethiopian Blend, French Roast, Peruvian Blend and Sumatran Blend. And lastly, our Swiss Water process dark roasted Decaf is perfect for those wanting the taste of delicious coffee but without the caffeine.

About our roaster

Canterbury Coffee is a privately owned, local Canadian roaster, serving cafes, restaurants, hotels and retailers across Canada. Starting in 1981 as a 6-person operation, we’ve grown to 8 offices across Canada, roasting high grown 100% Arabica coffees through our roasteries in Richmond, BC and Oakville, ON.

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