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Number hospitalized with COVID-19 in B.C. hits new low for 2024 in latest update

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The number of patients with COVID-19 in B.C. hospitals declined to its lowest level of 2024 in the latest data update from the B.C. Centre for Disease Control.

There were 133 test-positive patients in provincial hospitals as of Thursday, according to the BCCDC. The last published update to show a total lower than that was in August of last year, when the BCCDC reported just 76 patients hospitalized.

The number of patients reported in B.C. hospitals in public updates from the BCCDC in 2024 is shown. (CTV News)

This week's hospitalized population is less than half of what it was around this time last year. The final published update of March 2023 showed 294 patients in B.C. hospitals.

Not everyone who is hospitalized with COVID-19 in B.C. is there because of the disease. The totals the BCCDC reports include both those who have serious cases of COVID requiring hospitalization and those who are hospitalized for other reasons and test positive after admission.

Other data released Thursday by the BCCDC also showed a declining trend. There were 320 new lab-confirmed infections during the most recent "epidemiological week," which spanned March 17 to 23. That's down from 394 during the preceding week.

The percentage of tests coming back positive also declined during the week that ended March 23. Test positivity was 9.7 per cent, down from 10.9 per cent the week before, according to BCCDC data.

These declines in testing-related data are matched by recent declines in concentrations of the SARS-CoV-2 virus at wastewater facilities around the province. Wastewater data can be found on the BCCDC website

Data on other respiratory viruses released Thursday was incomplete. The BCCDC said testing data from both the Fraser and Northern health authorities was "unavailable" for the week of March 17 to 23, but did not explain why. Top Stories

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