The sign that made an East Vancouver park fodder for a Jimmy Kimmel Live monologue joke has been stolen.

The sign for “Dude Chilling Park” was originally put up in 2012 as an art installation. The city then decided it could stay permanently in February 2014.

Park Board Commissioner Sarah Blyth took to social media Sunday asking the Vancouver Police Department to keep an eye out for the sign.

Residents are disappointed that the well-known sign is missing.

“Since they put it here, it’s been even famous in Europe to tell the truth,” one resident said. “People know this park pretty well.”

“It’s become a bit of a cultural icon so probably someone thought it would look nice in their condo,” another resident said with a laugh.

The sign had already been vandalized twice over the summer. Once the word “Dude” was replaced with “Girl.”

In the other instance the entire name was crossed out and replaced with “Guelph Park”, the park’s original name.