The New Westminster Police Department has started an investigation into the mauling of a teenager by a police dog after a convenience store break-in on Saturday.

The teen's father told CTV News that officers from New Westminster visited him at his Surrey home Tuesday morning to take new pictures of the teen's injuries.

"It was totally unnecessary. My kid is going to be scarred for life. It almost took his eye out. It could have bit his throat and he could have bled to death," the father said.

Photos provided by the family show stitches along the teen's cheek closing a deep gash, as well as a broken nose.

The family has retained a lawyer and intends to complain about excessive force.

The father told CTV News he believes his child did something wrong and needs to apologize, but that a break-in should not lead to such serious injuries.

The teen can't be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

The RCMP are holding a press conference later today where they are expected to talk about the investigation. Phone calls Tuesday morning were not returned.