A quintessential Canadian comfort food will soon make its way to local shelves in liquid form.

Jones Soda Co. has announced the limited-edition release of – you guessed it – poutine-flavoured pop.

The Seattle-based company known for its unique soda flavours said it will release the beverage in select regions across Canada including Vancouver, where Jones Soda was first founded.

The drink’s flavour, derived from a partnership with a Canadian poutinerie, mirrors the classic dish made with French fries, gravy and cheese curds.

“Canada is a big market for us and we wanted to do something special for all our fans and sippers up there,” said Eric Chastain, Jones Soda’s vice-president of operations.

Chastain recommended those trying the poutine soda for the first time to take in a big whiff before sipping – kind of like wine.

“Once you take a sip, it starts out with a really strong cheesy note, and that blends perfectly with the savory gravy that the dish is, of course, known for,” he said. “On the back end, you pick up some starchy potato notes that round out the whole plate.”

To some that may sound disgusting, but Chastain revels in the science of soda-making.

“I think we nailed it,” he proclaims. “We take our jobs very seriously. We have a lot of fun doing it, but we take it very seriously.”

He said the beverage might be “tough to find” in Vancouver, but the company will update its Canadian Facebook page to let brave soda-drinkers know where it will pop up next.

It’s not the first foray into savory beverages for Jones Soda. They’ve previously released flavours like turkey and gravy as well as bacon.

With files from CTV British Columbia’s Penny Daflos