Another housing development has been approved in Surrey, but this one comes with a unique condition: "Must be cute and delicious."

Earlier this month, a group of students at Bayridge Elementary School filed a building permit application to the City of Surrey's planning department.

"We are asking permission to build a community of gingerbread houses in the Bayridge neighbourhood on Friday, December, 15 of this year," the request written in green marker reads.

The application, submitted on paper from a lined easel pad, proposes a project that will not harm any trees or involve the transfer of land.

"We will use 6 crackers (graham), candies, icing, and chocolate. Some of them will disappear and only crumbs will be left."

The application includes illustrations from the budding architects of Bayridge, and a message wishing the planning department a merry Christmas.

Their request was granted.

The building division of the City of Surrey sent a note to School Division 13 thanking them for their application, and advising students that their request for a building permit had been approved with conditions.

The conditions outlined in the letter from the city included that "the houses be constructed of candy only and must be cute and delicious. Ensure there is access for Santa and his reindeers.

"Once your construction has been completed, please contact us for a final taste testing inspection. Please remember that construction (of) any gingerbread families require separate permits."

Along with the letter was the permit itself, printed on yellow paper with a smiling gingerbread man in the comments section.

Under the section of the form for the name of the project's builder or general contractor, the city wrote, "Santa's Little Elves – North Pole, Ho Ho Ho." Under "Major Road," the building department wrote, "Candy Cane Road."

Other conditions included that cookies, icing, gingerbread, candy canes and chocolates were required, but that crumbs and cavities were not.

"You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why. Santa Claus is coming to (Gingerbread) town!" the comments section read.

"Merry Christmas from the building division."

The permit was shared on Facebook by parent Michael Snow, who wrote, "I've always been a huge supporter of the City of Surrey – specifically the engineering department… Well done you guys."

Snow's post had been shared nearly 500 times as of Thursday morning, with many commenters praising city staff for playing along.