Music lovers, ravers, and festival-goers alike can all rejoice: the provincial government announced it’ll invest over $2 million in grants for the province’s music sector. 

The Amplify BC grants, which range from $5,000 to $125,000 will support 73 different live shows and music projects across B.C., most of which will happen by September 2019.  

“The entire Squamish Constellation Festival team could not be more excited to be receiving this Amplify BC grant,” said Tamara Stanners, an artistic director for the event.

“This investment allows us to substantially bolster the music and art experience we provide, and consequently support more B.C. artists along the way,” she added.

Amplify BC is a $7.5 million dollar investment fund managed by Creative BC to support the province’s music industry.

According to the ministry of tourism, B.C. is the third largest musiccentre in Canada, and brings in nearly $700 million per year.

“Live music is a huge driver of tourism here in B.C. and the expansion of live music shows means that more people will come to B.C. as a music destination, will incorporate live music events and festivals as part of their vacation planning,” said Beare from a news conference in Vancouver on Friday.

Some of the recipients for the grants include the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, Surrey’s “FVDED In The Park” concert and the Shambhala music festival near Nelson.

“B.C. has some of the most incredible music professionals ever,” said Stanners.

“That’s for recording production, for live music festivals, it’s in every category, and we can now expand our scope in hiring more of them, which we’re super thrilled about.”