One local educator says there might be a simple solution for boys who can't focus sitting in a classroom: Get up and move around.

Dispelling all that pent-up energy can be key to helping your child do better at school, according to counsellor and author Barry MacDonald, who works with parents and educators.

"One of the common issues I see with boys who complain about school is their need for movement," MacDonald told CTV News. "There is some information to suggest boys need movement to stimulate their brain.

"You can see that with some children -- how they create learning opportunities where movement is part of what they are doing," he said.

An alternative program called Take a Hike encourages kids to get outside.

Being physical is a different way to encourage your son and help him be proud of himself, which can help to improve his school work, said counsellor Klaus Klein.

"Spend time with your son," he said. "Just have some fun with your kid because that resonates with your kid, you appreciate me for being me."

The movement doesn't have to be physical, MacDonald says -- if children are hooked on the bright lights of video games, this could be a clue that they're a visual learner.

Education experts say teachers can capitalize on that -- let students use their love of technology in the learning process.

For example, they could hand in their assignments in a different form, like a picture essay or video. That also helps with writing, the area where boys are most likely to lag behind girls.

As for reading, give choices and make it fun, MacDonald says.

"Laughter goes a long way when you're dealing with boys who have disengaged from school," he said.

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With a report from CTV British Columbia's Mi-Jung Lee