Another chapter in the severed feet saga will play out Thursday when police in British Columbia display the shoes they were found in for the first time.

Five running shoes containing severed feet have washed up on the shores the Georgia Strait within the past year.

Most have been found north of the mouth of the Fraser River:

  • A right foot in a size 12 Adidas running shoe was found on Jedediah Island
  • A right foot in a size 12 Reebok, was found on Gabriola Island
  • A right foot in a size 10 1/2 running shoe, was found on Valdes Island
  • A right foot in a sneaker was found on Westham Island
  • A left foot in a shoe was found on Kirkland Island

Four of the five were right feet and witnesses said one appeared to have belonged to a woman. The source of the feet, which were all found in an advanced state of decomposition, remains a mystery.

Family members of four plane crash victims who disappeared in 2005 believe the feet may be those of their loves ones.

Officials recently conducted took DNA samples from family members of the crash victims. They also have DNA profiles for all five feet and are expected to explain whether there is a match between the two on Thursday.

Representatives of the RCMP, Delta Police and the BC Coroner's Office are expected to speak at the news conference. They have not said if a severed foot found in Sweden this week could be related to those found in B.C.