The much-anticipated reboot of "Beverly Hills, 90210" makes its debut next week, and while many faces will be familiar, there are a few new ones as well.

Among those are Georgia and Everly Whitter, 18-month-old twins from North Vancouver. The girls will play Tori Spelling's daughter.

The youngest stars of "BH90210" appeared with their mother, Sherry Whitter, on CTV Morning Live Thursday to talk about the experience.

Sherry said she's on a Facebook group for mothers of twins, and was approached through the social media site about her daughters being on TV.

Initially, they'd been asked about another show, but the girls were too old, Sherry said.

The recruiter let Sherry know they were being considered for another show, but she wasn't told which one.

"Then we got an email that said they'd be playing Tori Spelling's baby… As a fan of the show, I was so excited," she said, as the girls played with toys on set.

Sherry said she was "very star struck" meeting the cast, who she describes as amazing.

"Tori came over right away and picked them up and was really kind," she said.

"It's just been a dream come true really."

Sherry said filming wasn't as challenging as she'd expected. There was an on-set nurse in case of any issues, and members of the cast and crew helped keep the girls in good spirits.

"Even Tori was getting down on the ground and playing with them," she said.

There are six young characters on the show, all of whom are played by local actors.

"These kids that are on the show – you're going to love them, they're so funny."

In addition to Spelling's appearance in the reboot of the 1990s classic, other stars returning to the silver screen include Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, Jason Priestley, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris and Brian Austin Green.

Missing from the original cast is Luke Perry, who died earlier this year at age 52, after having a stroke. 

The show is not a continuation of the original series, but instead, the cast will play what those behind the show describe as "heightened versions of themselves."