CTV's Chief Anchor Lloyd Robertson has announced that he will be retiring as the network's national anchor in mid-2011.

Robertson made the announcement on Thursday, ending a 35-year career as host of CTV National News.

"There comes a time and this is it! I want to leave a suitable period for my successor to have a smooth and seamless transition," Robertson said in a press release.

"While I'll be hoisting anchor next year, I'll be continuing at CTV for some time."

He will continue on in various roles at CTV, including as co-host of the investigative series W5.

The new chair anchor will be revealed on Friday.

CTV's CEO Ivan Fecan praised Robertson in a press release.

"Lloyd is a great newsman, an institution and the most trusted anchor in Canada; all of which is why he's the ratings king," Fecan said.

"We are all sorry to see him step down as anchor, but we are buoyed by the fact that he will remain in the CTV family for as long as he likes and I personally hope that will be a very long time."

Robertson began his broadcasting career in 1952 at CJCS radio in his home town of Stratford, Ontario. He joined CTV in 1976, and became chief anchor and senior editor in 1983.

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