VANCOUVER -- In the time of COVID-19, trying to figure out the difference between symptoms of the virus and symptoms of seasonal allergies can be both stressful and confusing.

Family physician Dr. Rhonda Low said on CTV Morning Live Thursday that, unfortunately for seasonal allergy-sufferers, symptom triggers could be here for a while still. 

"Tree season will last all the way until late spring and then, unfortunately, grasses can get you right through the summer," she said. 

"You don't have to live in a treed, woody area to get these symptoms. In a high-rise, urban area pollen is everywhere, and it can get you."

Some of those symptoms – which can last the entire allergy season – include sneezing, an itchy nose and watery or bloodshot eyes. 

"It can wax and wane, people can experience very different symptoms throughout that time," Low said. 

But having those symptoms can be even more uncomfortable during a pandemic when health issues might bring extra anxiety. However, COVID-19 will have a few differences, Low explained. 

"COVID will have more of a general body symptom for a lot of folks. They'll have fever for sure, a little bit of body aches," she said. 

Even so, testing for COVID-19 is encouraged for anyone experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, even if they're mild. 

Anyone who is unsure if they should get a test can speak to their health-care provider, call 811 or use the B.C. COVID-19 self-assessment tool online.