A B.C. Chihuahua is being hailed as a hero after saving an eight-year-old girl from a terrifying pit bull attack last week.

Jenna Desrochers was helping her grandparents’ neighbour collect golf balls from her yard in Chilliwack Tuesday when the woman’s dog burst through its enclosure.

The animal knocked the little girl down and sunk its teeth into her head, leaving a pool of blood in the grass.

That’s when her grandmother’s Chihuahua, Honey, darted to her rescue.

“Honey, he ran over there and took the attention off her,” Jenna’s grandfather Paul Desrochers told CTV News. “We heard Honey yelling. It was like he was being attacked.”

The pit bull released its grip on Jenna for just a few moments, giving its owner time to collar the animal and control it.

Jenna was taken to safety, but her family said the skin on her forehead was already hanging off her face.

“I’m so glad that Honey distracted that dog because if it had gone for her throat that would have been the end of her,” her grandfather said.

Doctors at Chilliwack General Hospital gave Jenna hundreds of stitches, and the girl may still require plastic surgery to repair the damage.

But despite everything she’s been through, her family said the courageous youngster has taken it upon herself to comfort her family through the ordeal.

“We were all in shock, we didn’t know what to do. Jenna was the calm one,” Paul Desrochers said. “She never shed a tear, that little girl. She was so strong.”

The owner complied with an order to destroy the pit bull, and Desrochers said he doesn’t blame her, or the breed of the dog for the accident.

With a report from CTV British Columbia’s Jon Woodward