A number of West Vancouver residents were forced to flee their homes in the middle of the night after an overnight storm caused serious flooding.

The heavy rain forced a nearby creek to flood its banks, sending torrents of water down Keith Road – flooding many basements near Marine Drive.

With the help of firefighters, residents were forced to grab what they could – including their pets – as their homes filled with water.

Sid Pearson estimated there was at least six inches of water in his basement when he left home around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Pearson said he woke up to four fire trucks outside his home, and struggled to get his dogs outside.

"They didn't want to go. You walk outside and you see a massive river going by, and they were really nervous," he said.

Pearson said his father has thousands of collector comic books in the now-flooded basement, and there are also family photo albums.

"They're all gone. 100 per cent. But what can you do?" he said.

West Vancouver Fire Dept. Chief Tony D'Angelo said fire crews were assisting residents until they could "mitigate the issues with the water."

"Get them to a safe place and calm them down, and keep them comfortable," he said.

The flooding has badly damaged about a dozen homes, including some downhill on Ross Crescent.

Lana Lindsay, who lives in one of the damaged homes, said there was so much water in her yard that a bicycle was floating around.

"We have a pool in the back and you would not have known there was a pool there. It was at least a foot above the pool."

The severity of the flooding is a first for both residents and firefighters, fire crews said.

Residents were allowed back home shortly before noon, where they are now surveying the damage. There has been no power in the area since Tuesday night, but it cannot be restored until hydro workers decide it is safe to do so.

Restoration companies are starting to roll into the area, helping to pump water from the basements of the home. All residents who spoke to CTV News said they have insurance.