VANCOUVER -- A Hollywood actor has added his voice to a growing number of warnings about coyotes in a popular Vancouver park.

Alan Tudyk said an aggressive coyote went after his wife and dog as they were out walking in Stanley Park over the weekend.

In a post on Twitter, the "Firefly" actor said the coyote grabbed the dog and snapped at his wife.

"It wanted my dogs and wouldn't give up for 10 minutes," he wrote, saying he believes it was her leash that saved his terrier mix, Raisin.

"Also it should be said, in addition to the leash that kept Raisin from becoming a snack, my badass wife went mama bear/spider monkey on that coyote. Hey coyote, I know where you live."

According to the post, Tudyk and two cyclists were able to scare off the coyote and rescue the dog.

Tudyk is in Vancouver filming Resident Alien, a sci-fi series starring the actor as an alien posing as a small-town doctor.

It's just the most recent incident in a line of interactions between coyotes and parkgoers.

Last month, conservation officers asked joggers to stay away after a spike in coyote attacks. As of mid-February there had been at least 15 confirmed attacks in the park. One woman's injuries were severe enough that she needed surgery.

The day before Tudyk's encounter, two cyclists were riding-up a hill near Prospect Point when a coyote leaped from the bush and tried to bite one of them.

Melanie, who doesn’t want her last name used, described the animal that chased her roommate as "bold."

“He saw it coming right up behind him, and he screamed and bolted forward,” she told CTV News. “I turned back to see a coyote lunging at his leg.”

Her roommate managed to outrace the coyote, and it ran back into the bush.

With files from CTV News Vancouver's St. John Alexander