It's been more than a year since BC Ferries banned smoking on all of its vessels and terminals, but that didn't stop cannabis activist Jodie Emery from lighting up on a recent voyage.

"Smoke on the water ... high on the high seas! It's a West Coast tradition," Emery tweeted Sunday, along with a picture of herself on the deck of a ferry.

The tweet prompted several responses from Twitter users who pointed out that she was in violation of the ferry service's smoking ban.

BC Ferries responded to one user, reiterating the company's policy.

"If you see someone smoking onboard, please speak with a crew member for the most immediate assistance," the ferry service wrote.

Since these initial tweets, Emery has continued to respond to critics by pointing out that no one else was on the ferry deck at the time and arguing that the strong wind generated by the vessel carries the smoke away from fellow passengers.

Smoking, whether tobacco or cannabis, is prohibited on BC Ferries vessels at all times and in all locations. Vaping is also prohibited.

The incident is far from the first time Emery has broken rules she views as unjust. She routinely smoked cannabis in public when it was illegal. Since legalization, she has argued that regulations governing legal cannabis are unfair.