VANCOUVER -- Roads in Stanley Park reopen to vehicles Monday afternoon, but one lane is being reserved for cyclists.

After an hours-long meeting Thursday, the Vancouver Park Board voted in favour of reopening the roads that had closed to vehicles in April due to overcrowding concerns. 

However, their plan included setting aside space for cyclists so the seawall could still be reserved for pedestrians. 

The lanes, the park board said in a tweet posted Sunday, "will be clearly delineated with bike access on the right lane and motor vehicles on the left."

Stanley ParkWhile the roads will reopen at 1 p.m., some inside the park will stay closed to vehicles, like around Brockton Point.

Not everyone is happy with the changes, and some businesses are getting legal advice in case the changes stay.

"The worst part of it was for us is that they’re putting bikers through our parking lot at Prospect Point," Nancy Stibbard, owner of the Prospect Point Café, told CTV News last week. 

"If we don't make enough revenue, we really can't pay our expenses, so we won't be able to stay open."

But for now the changes are only temporary and the park board has tasked staff with looking at the feasibility of permanent traffic calming measures, which will be voted on at a later date.