VANCOUVER -- Options to reduce traffic permanently in Vancouver's Stanley Park are being considered by the city's park board.

On Monday, the Vancouver Park Board voted to explore the feasibility of reducing vehicle traffic, including reducing roadways to single lanes while increasing accessibility for those with disabilities.

The park was closed to vehicle traffic in April to reduce the number of visitors during the novel coronavirus pandemic and provide those who do use the park more room to physically distance. Two park board commissioners put forward a motion to consider reducing traffic in the park permanently. 

But not everyone was happy with the suggestion, and a small group of protesters gathered to demand that Stanley Park Drive be entirely reopened.

Critics of the proposal say they're worried switching to a single lane would cut off access to families with young children and people with mobility issues. 

The issue was discussed at length during Monday's virtual park board meeting and while the motion was passed, it came with several amendments. Staff will now review the feasibility of several options, including adding more bus stops along the causeway. 

In the meantime, the park board says it plans to reopen the road to cars in the coming weeks.

With files from CTV News Vancouver's Regan Hasegawa