VANCOUVER -- A little over a week after announcing help was on the way for B.C.'s renters, the application is now available online. 

As of Thursday, anyone who's lost income due to COVID-19 can now apply online to receive the monthly supplement.

For now, it's being made available for April, May and June. Households with no dependants can apply for $300 a month, or $500 with dependents.

Roommates can each apply for the supplement, and the money will be paid directly to landlords on behalf of their tenants.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for the temporary benefit, a renter must be:

Receiving or eligible for employment insurance or the Canada Emergency Response Benefit*, or be making at least 25 per cent less in monthly income as a result of COVID-19;

Have a household income of less than $74,150 for renters without dependents, or $113,040 for those with dependents;

Be paying more than 30 per cent of their income towards rent;

Not be receiving any other rent-related subsidies.

Those who've already paid their April rent can still apply and receive the supplement.

*Learn more about the benefits available to Canadians, including the CERB, in this roundup.

How it works for renters

While the money will be sent directly to B.C. landlords, the tenants must start the application.

They can apply online through BC Housing.

The application process requires renters to submit proof of address, such as a driver's licence or utility bill.

They'll be asked to provide proof of how much their rent is each month, and contact information for their landlord, including an email address.

They'll ask be asked for ID, proof of income in 2019 and proof of loss of income due to COVID-19, as well as proof of their current income. The applicant will have to provide this information for every member of the rental unit who is 19 and older.

How it works for landlords

Once reviewed, landlords will be notified of eligible applications by email, so renters should let their landlord know to watch for this email.

Landlords will then be asked to start their application.

The application for landlords includes confirmation of details provided by the tenant, including the address and monthly rent.

They'll also be asked to give their mailing address and banking information to set up a direct deposit.

When both applications have been completed and reviewed, the tenants and landlords will receive confirmation.