A Hazelton, B.C. resident got more than they bargained for when doing some yard work this week.

The resident, who lives 300 kilometres east of Prince Rupert, discovered an military explosive ordinance while tearing down a backyard shed on Feb. 25.

The shed was built in the 1930's, and military experts believe the device is from World War One.

The resident notified RCMP, who cordoned off the area and made sure no one went near the potentially deadly device until the Ordinance Disposal Team (OED) arrived from Comox 19 Wing.

"I proceeded to inspect the artillery round and assess the risk of moving it," said OED team member Cpl. Alex Lacroix.

"Once I determined that the shell was safe to move, I brought it to a nearby gravel pit where I was able to dispose of it with explosives."

The artillery shell was not found to contain any explosives because it did not have a fuse.

Lacroix said the shell didn't pose a high risk to the public, but the resident did the right thing by calling it in to authorities.

"Public awareness is the key in these situations."