When it comes to dental health, Dr. Andrew Shannon is an expert. He's been practicing dentistry for more than 20 years.

But now he's one of many B.C. dentists who is offering a new service in his practice: using Botox for wrinkles

"A lot of my clients are really conscious with their overall appearance," he says.

B.C. is the first jurisdiction in Canada to allow dentists to administer Botox, the well-known substance used mainly by dermatologists to get rid of unwanted wrinkles.

"I might do the frown lines, the wrinkle lines around the eyes, maybe the gabelle in between the eye," says Dr. Shannon.

Like other dentists who administer Botox, Dr. Shannon took a training course to familiarize himself with the procedure.

"Which basically reviewed all of the head and neck anatomy going through the medication and how to mix and how to administer it so its just a nice way of getting refined on a procedure you're going to be doing," he says.

Still, other doctors are not convinced people should be receiving Botox in their dentist's chair.

"Would you come to me to have a root canal done or to have a filling done?" asks cosmetic dermasurgeon Dr. Alastair carruthers.

Dr. Carruthers pioneered the use of cosmetic Botox. He's concerned many dentists won't have adequate experience with the procedure and mistakes could happen.

"Things going wrong, like droopy eyelids and an asymmetric smile and things like that," he says.

He advises people to investigate their options.

"It's up to you to do the research to find the person who suits you best to inject or do the other procedures for you," says Dr. Carruthers.

Dr. Shannon agrees.

"You know, go in ask your clinician, your dentist 'is this something you've taken training on? Are you comfortable doing it? How many procedures have you done,'" says Dr. Shannon.

Because training is key to ensuring your safety.

"I've had 25 years training on cosmetic Botox. You don't need 25 years, but you do need more than two days," says Dr. Carruthers.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Dr. Rhonda Low