There will be no more free rides for fare evaders on Metro Vancouver's SkyTrain system.

TransLink says it will be adding access gates at each station starting next year.

Transit users will have to swipe valid transit tickets in order to get into the station, or use a 'Smart Card' with a declining balance that works similar to a debit card. That card can be loaded up with money to pay fares.

The B.C. and federal governments, in conjunction with TransLink, will spend $100 million to install the gates and introduce the new cards.

Premier Gordon Campbell says the project will improve security on the transit system as well as cut down on fare evasions.

Right now, commuters can walk onto a train without showing that they have paid a fare. Transit police conduct random checks for tickets.

TransLink also says it is planning to double the capacity of the existing Expo Line by adding more cars into service and running longer trains. The addition will necessitate station upgrades, including longer platforms and bigger entrance areas to accommodate the increased amount of riders.