Drivers filling up Monday in Metro Vancouver may be paying more per litre than they ever have before, with many stations now hitting a new price record of 164.9 cents a litre.

Many stations hit the new high Sunday, with others following suit overnight into Monday morning.

While most stations are selling for 164.9, there are some stations selling for less. On Monday morning, showed a handful of stations still selling near the $1.50 a litre mark. 

On Sunday, dozens of drivers waited in a long line to fill up at a Maple Ridge gas station selling for 132.9.

Analysts with are predicting prices could continue to rise in Metro Vancouver, possibly by another three cents per litre by the end of the week.

The increase is once again being blamed on refinery issues in the U.S. as well as fuel taxes, including the carbon tax which increased by just over a penny a litre in B.C. on April 1.