Gas prices at some Metro Vancouver gas stations jumped to 163.9 cents a litre overnight, tying the record for the highest price ever recorded in the region, according to an analyst with

Prices haven’t been this high since October 2018, and it’s expected a new price record will be set Friday.

"At midnight tonight we break an all new record," said analyst Dan McTeague. "We’re up, although it’s not a lot, one penny, to 164.9, and that’s a price we have never paid right here in the area."

McTeague is also predicting prices could continue to rise into the weekend.

"Perhaps even with the likelihood that they may touch 165.9 come Friday, Saturday, or Sunday," he said. 

According to McTeague, prices are rising due to the 1.16 cent carbon tax increase brought in Monday, refinery issues south of the border, and some stations increasing their profit margins by an additional two cents. 

While some stations were selling for 163.9 in Metro Vancouver Thursday morning, drivers who choose where they fill-up may be able to save a few cents. Many stations are still selling for 161.9.