Canada's first phase of air passenger protections came into effect Monday.

Transport Canada now requires airlines to reimburse passengers for bumped flights and lost luggage as part of the new policy.

Here's the full list of regulations for Canadian airlines:

  • Airlines are required to communicate information about their rights to passengers in a simple, clear way.
  • They must provide regular updates in the event of flight delays or cancellations.
  • Airlines must provide compensation of up to $2,400 for denial of boarding for reasons within its control.
  • Passengers must receive prescribed standards of treatment during all tarmac delays. They must be allowed to leave the airplane, if it's safe, if a delay lasts more than three hours and takeoff is not imminent.
  • Airlines must compensate passengers for lost or damaged baggage up to $2,100, and refund any baggage fees.
  • Clear conditions must be set regarding the transportation of musical instruments as checked or carry-on baggage.

The regulations were set following input from travellers and the industry, Transport Canada said in a statement Monday.

Phase 2, which includes regulations regarding delays, cancellations and seating children near their parents, will come into effect on Dec. 15.