Authorities seized several pit bulls from a Surrey home Friday following an attack on four women.

The victims were bitten at a property on Loughren Drive in the early afternoon, suffering extensive injuries to their arms. Mounties believe the women will require stitches for their wounds, and some may even need to undergo surgery.

They were soaked in blood when they exited the home, according to witnesses.

Ryan Mitchell, who lives in the neighbourhood, said he saw “police pulling up and a few people coming out with blood all over their arms and blood on their chest.”

Animal control officers went in and removed three pit bulls from the house, as well as a small dog.

The RCMP said it appears the situation started after the dogs started fighting each other, and turned dangerous after the owners stepped in to break it up.

Neighbours said the dog owners had just moved in recently, and hadn’t caused any problems.

The animals are being taken to a shelter, but it’s unclear what will happen to them next.

Animal control officers and Mounties are investigating the situation.