VANCOUVER -- B.C.'s tough new COVID-19 restrictions didn't seem to be top of mind for people lined up outside a Foot Locker store in downtown Vancouver Friday.

Some shoppers outside the Foot Locker Power Store on Robson Street said they were concerned about what appeared to be groups of friends waiting for the launch together.

Jazmine Khan told CTV News she believed there were groups with "multiple friends from multiple different households from multiple different cities" queuing up together, and questioned why no one appeared to be enforcing the temporary public health order barring that kind of behaviour.

"Nobody here is socially distancing, nobody here actually is wearing their masks properly for the most part," Khan said.

"They can all come together in public, get within a foot of each other and talk and gossip and possibly spread a disease."

Khan was waiting to get her hands on the new Ivy Park line from Beyoncé.

"I'm just trying to stay back as far as possible, mind my own business and stay away from everybody else," she said.

Foot Locker's western Canadian sales director told CTV News the store had security guards present overnight and throughout the day reminding people to stay physically distanced.

"I would say at times, yes, the line did look a little bit on top of each other but I felt we did a good job of getting a hold of it," Nicholas Keeling said.

Vancouver is one of several cities that's been under a strict social lockdown since Nov. 7 barring people from socializing in person with anyone outside of their "core bubble," which for most residents means people from their own household.