The FBI is reportedly scrutinizing the negotiations and financing for Trump International Hotel and Tower Vancouver, with a focus on Ivanka Trump's involvement.

According to CNN, counterintelligence officials are working to determine whether any deals struck by the U.S. First Daughter might have left her vulnerable to pressure from foreign entities.

She was the point person on the $360-million Vancouver development, which opened in 2017 shortly after President Donald Trump took office.

CNN, which cited two unnamed sources in its reporting, did not reveal why investigators would be looking into the Vancouver deal.

A spokesperson for Ivanka Trump's ethics counsel told the network nothing of concern has been uncovered.

"CNN is wrong that any hurdle, obstacle, concern, red flag or problem has been raised with respect to Ms. Trump or her clearance application," the spokesperson said.

The FBI has yet to grant Trump or her husband, Jared Kushner, full security clearance, even though the couple has spent more than a year working closely with the president in the White House.

The Trumps do not own the Vancouver tower, but licensed their name to developer Holborn Group in a deal announced in 2013, two years before Donald Trump started campaigning for president.

Holborn declined to comment on the Ivanka Trump story Friday.