VANCOUVER -- After an illustrious 12 seasons with the Vancouver Canucks, left winger Alex Burrows was inducted into the Ring of Honour at a pre-game ceremony Tuesday night.

Now coaching junior hockey in Quebec, Burrows played 913 games during his NHL career where he racked up 409 points and scored 28 game-winning goals. 

Burrows and his family took to centre ice ahead of the game against Ottawa where he thanked the organization and his fellow players.

"It feels good to be back here at Rogers Arena, that's for sure," Burrows said.

"To all my teammates, each and every one of them that I've worked with, that have supported me, that I've played with you guys have all had a positive impact on my career. I want to thank you very much."

Burrows gave an extra shout-out to two of his linemates. 

"Special thanks to Hank and Danny. You guys are the best."

Burrows' fans were treated to a video that highlighted his career and had a message from the Sedins who also made an appearance Tuesday. In the video the twins said Burrows played with energy and passion and was an inspiration to all players who wouldn't give up on their dreams. 

But Burrows said it took a lot more than passion to get him to the NHL. 

"For me, hard work, never being satisfied, (a) never quit attitude and always wanting to get better and having a great supporting cast around me made it possible," he said. "I always dreamed of playing in the NHL."

After the ceremony the Canucks took on the Senators and won 5-2.