Most people know that alcohol seriously diminishes your ability to drive – but police are inviting those who don't to get some hands-on experience at a local go-carting track.

The RCMP's Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment is challenging people to try pedalling a cart "under the influence" at Cultus Lake Go-Karts next Wednesday – though there won't be any actual alcohol involved.

Instead, authorities said participants will be "under the influence" of training devices known as fatal vision goggles.

"They simulate different levels of impairment," Cpl. Mike Rail said. "It's going to be an opportunity to get in a pedal cart, navigate an obstacle course wearing the glasses, and be impaired without being impaired."

The goggles are adjustable, and designed to simulate everything from a blood alcohol content of .05 to a .08 – enough to warrant a drunk driving charge. There will also be a set of goggles that simulates the effects of driving while high on marijuana.

Rail stressed that the event is not just for adults, or even for licensed drivers – police are inviting people of all ages to try out the obstacle course.

"We'd like to get some of the younger folks to see it before they even start driving so they know about the effect that impairment has," he told CTV News.

In general, the RCMP urges drivers who go out to events that involve drinking to plan ahead and either arrange for a designated driver or to get home safely by taking transit or a taxi.

The pedal carting event is being held from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on July 31.