Does the storm drain near your house look more like a Sharon or a Dave?

The City of Vancouver wants to find out as part of an initiative aimed at keeping catch basins around the city clear by adding some creativity to the process.

On Wednesday, officials announced Vancouverites have two weeks to vote for their favourite catch basin names, submitted as part of the "Adopt a catch basin" program. The initiative invites residents to pick a storm drain and keep it free of leaves, debris and litter in a bid to reduce flooding around the city.

Some of the names in the running include Ace of Basin, Drain Wetsky, Grates of Wrath, Draino McDrainface and Leaf Me Alone. Others kept it simple with more conventional suggestions such as Sharon or Dave.

Since Oct. 23, more than 1,000 catch basins have become part of the initiative and dozens of punny names have been entered into the contest.

Residents have until Dec. 8 to choose their favourite name from a full list on the city's website.

The first runner up will receive a $100 gift certificate to put towards rain boots. Third place will get a City of Vancouver umbrella with a wayfinding map inside.

Blocked storm drains are one of the main causes of flooding in the city during periods of heavy rainfall.

An online interface maps out more than 45,000 "adoptable" catch basins around the city.