The death of a nightclub promoter earlier this year has a Vancouver city councillor calling for major changes to the notorious entertainment district.

Kalwinder Thind, 23, was stabbed while trying to break up a fight on Jan. 27 that began inside Cabana nightclub on Granville Street. 

"Mr. Thind's death definitely reignited my passion to fix this street," Coun. George Affleck told CTV News.

The Non-Partisan Association councillor is bringing back a motion he first introduced five years ago to improve safety on the Granville Strip.

"I'm bringing it back, and this time I hope Vision Vancouver and the mayor will support it," he said.

Affleck is calling for the return of surveillance cameras used on the strip during the 2010 Olympics. He's also recommending improved late-night transit options so club-goers can get home safely after last call.

"You have all these people hanging around here at 2 in the morning and that's a recipe for disaster."

BarWatch chair Curtis Robinson agrees that late-night transit is a must.

"The fact that trains stop running at a quarter after 1 is unacceptable," he said.

Robinson also believes that cameras would help prevent violence, saying people are generally better behaved if they know they're being held accountable.

Affleck also thinks extended bar hours, more restaurant patios and even outdoor concerts on the strip would help by attracting a different crowd to the area.

"Let's program the street and not just make it a place where people come in from wherever – quite often drunk out of their minds – who come here to party and get into trouble," Affleck said.

The Granville motion will be presented to council on Wednesday.

"I sure hope Vision takes it seriously this time. I think they have to," he said.

With a report from CTV Vancouver's Shannon Paterson