VANCOUVER -- April 7 update: Park board officials update the public on Stanley Park enforcement

Crowds still gathered along Vancouver's seawall a day after the city's park board launched a campaign to promote safety outdoors.

A large number of people gathered near English Bay, ignoring countless advisories from public health officials to keep their distance from other people.

Signs have been posted in the area urging people to stay at least two metres apart, and city staff members are using hula hoops and hockey sticks to demonstrate the distance. 

Just two weeks ago, the crowded beaches made headlines across Canada, and nearly 1,400 warnings have been issued since then.

But still, there was a large public presence in the area on Sunday as residents of the city went out to enjoy the sunshine.

So far, the City of Vancouver says it has no plans to step up enforcement of physical distancing rules.

At a news conference late last week, Mayor Kennedy Stewart said he believed 90 to 95 per cent of people were complying with the rules.

So far, members of the public are just given warnings, and the mayor would not say when those warnings could turn into fines.

In Toronto, Mayor John Tory said there had been enough warnings, and told media he would sign a bylaw to fine people up to $5,000 for standing too close on city property or in public spaces.

The fines would not apply to people who live together.