VANCOUVER -- Crews from Vancouver Fire Rescue Service have finally extinguished stubborn fire in a grain elevator at the Port of Vancouver that burned for around 40 hours.

Firefighters surrounded the facility operated by the Saskatchewan-based grain company Viterra around 7 p.m. Thursday night, and were still on scene at that time Friday.

On Friday, crews told CTV News Vancouver they were struggling to put the fire out, and were trying to come up with a different tactic to attack it. Since it began, the fire has flared up in a different spot inside the facility, crews said.

Between 24 and 30 firefighters were on scene Friday night.

Viterra spokesperson Peter Flengeris said the fire was under control and had been since Thursday night, but he was unsure of what caused the incident or what exactly was burning.

There have been no reports of any injuries resulting from the fire.

On Saturday afternoon, Vancouver Fire and Rescue assistant chief Dan Stroup told CTV News the fire had finally been completely put out and crews were now trying to get the product out of the grain terminal.