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'Could have been fatal': Large metal bolt comes crashing through family's windshield on B.C. highway

Zantaya Hutchinson , her husband and one-year-old daughter were on Highway 97 driving home to Prince George from Williams Lake on Sunday when they were startled by an object flying through their windshield. 

“We saw it coming towards us. We thought it was a rock, and I immediately slammed on the brakes,” said Hutchinson who pulled over and found herself covered in shards of broken glass.  Her husband discovered a large, heavy metal bolt in the backseat beside their daughter’s rear-facing carseat.  Thankfully, the baby was unharmed. 

“It could have been fatal, and I didn’t come to that realization until my husband broke down and was like: 'Are you okay?  We are so lucky. If this was even a couple inches over, it would have hit me in the head,'” said Hutchinson .

The bolt bounced off the hood and came through the windshield just as a transport truck and trailer passed Hutchison going the other direction. 

“We are 90 percent sure it came from the trailer,” said Hutchinson.  “I just did a bit of Googling (asking) 'What are crown bolts used for?' And it said to secure wood.”  

She’s hoping someone has dashcam video of the truck.  

“Maybe I can contact the semi if it was a private company just to see if they are missing a bolt, or do they use this type of bolt or was it on the transport truck,” Hutchinson said. 

In an email the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure said: “Motor Vehicle Act regulations state that vehicles must be equipped and cargo must be contained, immobilized or secured so that it cannot leak, spill, blow off, fall from, fall through or otherwise be dislodged from the vehicle.”  The fine for unsecured cargo is $288. 

The ministry is encouraging Hutchinson to reach out to local police to report the incident. Top Stories


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