A 22-year-old former Simon Fraser University student who killed animals and allegedly fantasized about murdering homeless people will be released from custody in just two months.

Kayla Bourque was sentenced to eight months in jail this week after pleading guilty to injuring an animal, causing unnecessary suffering and pain to an animal and possession of a weapon, but authorities fear she may be capable of much worse.

Search warrant documents obtained by CTV News contain pages of police evidence suggesting Bourque also fantasized about killing human beings since childhood.

She allegedly told friends she wanted “to get a gun and kill homeless people” as well as “kill her mother and younger brother,” according to the documents.

SFU professor Robert Gordon said Bourque took an interest in criminology, and particularly in serial killers.

“What we had here was arguably a serial killer in the making,” Gordon said. “It was an outstanding case, probably the worst one I’ve ever come across.”

Authorities were eventually alerted to her behaviour in March by a classmate, and a search warrant was executed at her university residence.

During the search, officers found what they describe as a “kill kit containing a knife, syringe, restraints, black gloves and a demon mask.

The also seized a laptop, three USB storage devices and a binder containing depictions of sexual homicide, dismemberment, serial killers and a tortured cat.

Bourque has already served six months in custody, so will be out in two – though her release will be highly supervised.

The judge in her case imposed an extensive probation order with 46 conditions, including that she stay away from animals, keep off the internet and not keep weapons. She also can’t have anything considered a restraining device.

The judge said that, given the extreme concern, Bourque could be supervised the rest of her life.

With a report from CTV British Columbia’s Scott Roberts