The coach caught on video knocking over young hockey players on the other team was shocked at his own behaviour and apologized to his players after the incident, according to a parent.

Martin Tremblay was overcome after a rough game where emotions were running high on both sides, said father Ashley Page, whose son plays for Tremblay’s UBC Hornets.

“He said, ‘Guys, what I did was wrong, I shouldn’t have done it, you should not do that. It doesn’t matter how angry you are, you should turn the other cheek,’” Page recalled.

“Who hasn’t had five seconds of madness where they do something and they weren’t thinking?”

Tremblay, who coached the team in a spring league, has yet to speak publicly about what happened on Saturday, when video shows him tripping the Richmond Steel players during a post-game handshake.

One boy was unharmed but the other broke his wrist in the fall.

Tremblay has now been suspended from coaching for the Vancouver Minor Hockey Association and is now being investigated by the RCMP.

Page said players from both sides were trash-talking during the game, parents were yelling and at one point during the series the referee even cried. Tremblay in particular was targeted by some of the players with a series of taunts and obscene gestures, according to the hockey dad.

“A certain player was giving our coach the bird, swearing at him, cursing at him, giving him the finger. This is not right, it’s a 13-year-old child, they all know right from wrong,” he said.

Page believes someone should have stopped the immature activity before it got out of hand and something terrible happened.

“I wish I’d have done something, I planned to do it, I procrastinated, I didn’t do anything and I wish this had been avoided,” he said.

Page said that Tremblay should have to face sanctions but he believes the coach has a good character.

“This man is a good man. He’s loved by his players. That tells me a lot. Don’t throw the guy to the wolves for five seconds of madness,” he said.

The mother of one of the boys who fell says she has yet to hear an apology.

“He needs to apologize to us first, and then to everyone,” said Elizabeth Alexantonakis. “He can apologize but I don’t know if it would be enough.”

Tremblay didn’t return any of the messages left for him by CTV News, and no one answered the door at his relatives’ houses.

Coaches often get personally involved in the game but they have to remember to keep their perspective, according to Aaron Wilbur of

“Coaches have to remember it’s about the kids, particularly at that age level, and they have to set the example,” he said.