The BC SPCA is asking donors to help fund treatment costs for an 11-month-old cat that fell from a two-storey apartment building.

According to the organization, Rupert broke his hind right femur as a result of the fall and needed emergency orthopedic surgery that involved inserting an intramedullary pin and wire to hold the bone in place.

"Rupert is a super friendly and affectionate cat who loves to practice his charms on everyone," said SPCA Nelson branch manager Glenda George. "He'll give little head butts, plop down and roll over for belly rubs."

The cat is set to have the pins removed from its legs on Friday, but the total cost of Rupert's care has added up to nearly $2,800.

"Rupert is young and healing well from his injury. He deserves the chance to have a good life," George said.

Donations can be made online or in person at the BC SPCA's Nelson branch at 520-C Falls Street.