The EZ Moves Furniture Moving System promises to help you move almost any object across a variety of floor surfaces with minimal effort.

EZ Moves, which retails for $19.95 before shipping and handling, claims it can even help you lift a refrigerator or even a car, all by yourself.

Steele on Your Side put the device to the test in its latest “As Seen on TV” product testing segment.

“Something like this three foot metal bar can lift something huge and heavy like a refrigerator?” said Lynda Steele.

It claims to work by sliding the bar underneath the piece of furniture. You then lever the object up high enough to slide the furniture pads underneath.

But despite following those instructions, the attempt to move the refrigerator was unsuccessful.

Steele looked around the CTV newsroom in search of something else to test the EZ Moves lifter on and found a sedentary news photographer lying on a couch.

"I am going to attempt to lift cameraman Murray on the couch with the EZ Moves lifter," said Steele.

Steele placed the bar under the couch and placed the slide pads under the legs. It was easier than trying to move the refrigerator, but not by much.

After getting all four pads in place, it was time to slide cameraman Murray and the couch away. But again, the attempt was unsuccessful.

Finally, Steele tried to lever the tires of a car like the infomercial shows. That was also unsuccessful.

"It's completely and totally and utterly impossible,” said Steele.

We give EZ Moves 1.5 stars out of 5.

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