Many of us feel better when things are organized within our households and we have appropriate storage to suit our needs. However, when we move in to a space it often lacks the functionality that we desire. A lot of the times we try to make do, however it can often leave things messy and disorganized.

Joey Arsenault from QMFM knew this all to well. His condo that he shares with his partner lacked space for their storage needs. One of the biggest issues was the fact that Arsenault has to get up exceptionally early for his morning show duties. His closet in disarray paired with a stubborn closet door meant he frequently woke up his partner while trying to get ready. This is where the experts from California Closets came in.

Melanie Baudot is a sales and design consultant for California Closets. She believes that creating an organized, functional and aesthetically pleasing space can yield tremendous rewards and greatly improve well-being. When she was presented with the closet nightmare of Joey Arsenault she knew that they could work together to find a custom solution that met the needs of his household. Using special technology in their design studio they were able to bring the closet makeover project to life with computer models. A variety of materials and storage solutions were incorporated to provide the functionality that they were seeking.

Check out the videos from CTV Morning Live to see how the process and unveiling of this closet makeover.