The landlord of a Burnaby, B.C., apartment building is demanding dog owners provide a stool sample of their pet's feces – or face eviction.

Pet owning residents of the low-rise complex on 14th Avenue received letters this weekend after a dog relieved himself in the stairwell, twice, and no one cleaned up after it.

In the letter, Waldorf Management compels tenants to put a stool sample into a Ziploc bag so it can be sent to a DNA lab for analysis against the poop found in the building.

“The good news is that the technology exists and the dog can be identified,” the letter reads.

Management warns that ignoring the request will have dire consequences.

“Refusal is not an option, rather admission of guilt, and reason for immediate eviction, as the law is on our side. We have to protect the health and well-being of the other tenants,” it reads.

Tenant Kevin Black was the one who notified the landlord after being hit with a “horrendous stench” in the stairwell.

Another tenant who received the letter posted it on Reddit, and asked about the legality of the threat

“While we have been having problems with dogs going in the hallways recently… this seems like a pretty heavy-handed tactic,” they wrote.

PooPrints, a company that does DNA testing to root out irresponsible pet parents, says the building’s problem is common.

“We help municipalities and condo complexes and apartment managers identify ‘poopetrators’: irresponsible dog owners who don't pick up after their pups,” Maggie Ashley said.

Owner of a dog named Nuke, Black said he has no problem submitting his dog’s poop – because he’s innocent.

“Why not? He can have all the poop he wants!” he said.

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