Dozens of people reported seeing a meteor whipping through the sky Thursday night, and the phenomenon was captured on multiple dashcams.

The American Meteor Society received 74 reports of “a fireball” over Washington, B.C., Idaho and Oregon, through its online tracking service.

“I’ve seen small, white falling stars before but never anything like this,” Kathy M. wrote on the site, describing the meteor as large and bright green “with a huge white tail.”

Georgia Straight reporter Tammy Kwan said on YouTube she was driving on Lougheed Highway in Pitt Meadows when she spotted "something big that lit up the sky."

"It was pretty amazing seeing it with my own eyes," she wrote after posting the video.

Kwan wasn't alone. Dozens took to social media around 9:40 p.m. to report sightings of the meteor fragment falling from the sky.

The phenomenon was witnessed by people in Vancouver, to the Okanagan in the east, and also on Vancouver Island.

Drivers in Seattle, Washington also reported seeing the flash.

Meteor reports

Online meteor sighting reports from the American Meteor Society.


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