A Vancouver Island campsite has been closed as officials try to trap an aggressive black bear that charged at a group of dining campers.

Visitors at Sombrio Beach, a popular destination for surfers and hikers located in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, say the bear has developed a taste for human food and has been stealing from campers for days.

Victoria resident James Younger said he had only just arrived at camp when the brazen bruin emerged to steal his fruits and vegetables.

"There were a dozen people within 15 feet of the bear, the bear was not scared," Younger said.

The bear left for a few minutes only to return and charge at a neighbouring site where campers were cooking bacon and eggs.

Another camper watched the bear climb into the back of his pickup truck to get at his food.

Park officials say Juan de Fuca will remain closed to day visitors and overnight campers until the bear is located. The Ministry of Environment has set up a live trap in hopes of catching the animal before the long weekend.

The ministry confirms the bear is considered a risk to public safety, and will be euthanized.

Younger said he would prefer the bear was relocated, blaming irresponsible campers for habituating it to humans.