VANCOUVER -- Like a good bottle of wine, the idea has been aging for a long time – and thanks to a motion introduced by the B.C. government Thursday, having a glass of sauvignon blanc in Stanley Park may soon be legal.

“Well cheers to that,” said park board vice-chair Dave Demers. “It’s an idea I brought to the park board, that I’ve been advocating for, and we’re this close.”

The Vancouver Park Board approved a plan to allow alcohol in 22 parks and beaches last summer, but needed approval from the provincial government.

This week, the province finally gave them a reason to raise a glass.

B.C. Solicitor General Mike Farnworth introduced Bill 8 Thursday, to amend the Liquor Control and Licensing Act “to authorize the Vancouver park board to designate specific public places under its jurisdiction as places where liquor may be consumed.”

It will likely be debated next week, and if the majority NDP government passes the motion, the park board would then change the bylaw, and launch its alcohol in parks pilot project.

“I think it’s long overdue for Vancouver,” said board commissioner John Coupar. “Sometimes we’re thought of as a no-fun city, and it will be nice to have something that people can enjoy.”

Coupar couldn’t say how soon Vancouverites might be able to enjoy a cold one in a park, but said the board could give it’s approval quickly through a virtual meeting.

“I can’t call that yet because it’s up to the provincial government when they actually do it,” he said. “But it sounds like it’s imminent.”