CRA email scam

We're coming up to tax time again and that means more scams. A new email scam appearing to be from the Canada Revenue Agency is making the rounds.

Jenn sent us an email that looks like a refund from the CRA in the form of an Interac transfer. But it’s not.

The BBB says if you receive this email, delete it immediately.

The CRA will not e-transfer your tax return and while the agency does pay tax returns via direct deposit, it will never require you to provide banking information online.

Online payments

Diane asked us: Where do the funds go when there is a delay between making an online payment and it showing up in an account?

While online bill payments appear to be immediate, funds need to be cleared and verified. Banks process transactions in batches at the end of the business day. The money is removed from your account, but it's held in digital limbo to be transferred for payment.

The same thing happens at the receiving end, it's held in a batch until posted as a credit for payment.

GoPro alternatives

You see action cameras everywhere these days and Angelo wants to know if there are cheaper camera alternatives out there that compare to the GoPro.

Our CTV camera team helped us on this one. The price of POV cameras can vary depending on what you're looking for. But for starters look at frames per second, the higher the frame rate the smoother your video.

Make sure it's waterproof and shockproof and make sure it’s got an LCD screen or an app to view your framing. You don’t want to discover you’ve cropped your subject’s head off after the fact.

Consumer tech website Beebom has put together a list of the best action cameras and prices.