VANCOUVER -- A Maple Ridge woman who makes custom Christmas ornaments is finding it hard to keep up with all the orders she's receiving.

Designer Alanna Wadhwani says the ornaments are symbolic of how awful 2020 has been.

"It just says so much," Wadhwani told CTV News Vancouver.

The ornament is a cut-out of a dog squatting over a pile of poop with the year 2020 burned into it.

"When you situate it in a tree, it looks pretty funny," she said. "2020 has been an 'it happens' kind of year."

The one-eighth-inch-thick Baltic birch ornaments are carved with a laser cutter and available through Wadhwani's website

She said she designed the ornament for a customer who requested it, but when she posted it online it proved to be quite popular.

"It seems to have taken off," Wadhwani said. "People were ordering not just one, they were ordering 10 and 12 ornaments. It just took off."

To keep up with the orders, she has had her kids help her assemble them.

She has also developed a feline version of the ornament for those more inclined to equate the year of the COVID-19 pandemic to cat excrement.

"Hopefully the pandemic won't come back and we won't have to make any new ones for 2021," Wadhwani said.