VANCOUVER -- A B.C. man has been banned from teaching at private or public schools for 15 years after he admitted to having sexual relationships with two of his former students.

The troubling behaviour came to light in a disciplinary decision by the B.C. Commissioner for Teacher Regulation this week, but most of the details were withheld to protect the identities of the students.

The name of the teacher, the school and even the school district where he worked have not been made public, nor have the dates of his misconduct.

But the decision reveals the first former student was 18 years old when the teacher initiated an "inappropriate personal and sexual relationship," and that the teenager had previously spent two years in his classes.

The teacher's inappropriate relationship with the second started while the student was 17 and still in one of his Grade 12 classes. It turned sexual a few weeks after the student graduated.

The teacher also provided the teenager with alcohol at that time, according to the decision.

As a result of the teacher's misconduct, the B.C. Commissioner for Teacher Regulation decided to cancel his teaching certificate and made him agree not to apply for another one for 15 years.

When deciding the punishment, the commissioner weighed the fact that the teacher committed "serious boundary violations" that "occurred over an extended period of time," according to the decision.

The teacher was also found to have been "aware that at least one of the students was in a vulnerable state."