The B.C.'s RCMP's Police Cat Service may have been a lighthearted April Fools' Day gag, but one officer is ready to purr-port for duty. 

Weeks after issuing a fake announcement for its new cat squad, the force received an application in the mail for one Penny Cirque.

The cat was named after Cirque du Soleil because of its strong acrobatic skills. And those skills are just one reason Penny would make a good cop, according to the letter, which the RCMP shared on Twitter.

"I have many qualifications that make me ideal for the job," it reads. "The bad guys could easily be taken in by my charm and I am sure they would tell me all the bad things they have done, especially if I offered to let them stroke me when they had confessed and made amends."

Sadly, the RCMP said the letter-writer did not include a return address.

The joke was just one of several played by police forces from across Metro Vancouver on April 1. Mounties boasted their furry new recruits could work "almost 15 minutes a day before getting bored."